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Mortgage Originators
Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help you with all your mortgage needs. We have Mortgage Originators at several convenient locations in both MA and NH. Please select a Mortgage Originator below to begin an application or to request additional information.
Janet Odenwelder - MA
Vice President, Mortgage Originator
Direct:   (978) 556-4221
Email:   jodenwelder@haverhillbank.com
NMLS #: 628154
Sherry Temple Pruyn - MA
Branch Manager, Mortgage Originator
Direct:   (978) 556-4289
Email:   spruyn@haverhillbank.com
NMLS #: 20358
Erin Daley - NH
Vice President, Mortgage Specialist
Direct:   (978) 556-4296
Email:   edaley@haverhillbank.com
NMLS #: 742618
Thomas Faulkner - MA
Vice President, Mortgage Originator
Direct:   (978) 556-4220
Email:   tomfaulkner@haverhillbank.com
NMLS #: 628153
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